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What is the fumigation of wood pallets?
What is the fumigation of wood pallets?
Untreated wood for insects and eggs may harbor, incoming higher risk of harmful organisms, the ecological balance will be broken input country, causing biological invasion, may produce serious harm to agricultural and forest resources. The USDA issued to reduce wood packaging afferent pest risk criteria. Because the wood packaging often reused, it is difficult to determine the true source, so the processing condition is very difficult to determine.
Pallet fumigation classification
1, physical pallet fumigation
2, chemical fumigation tray
Pallet fumigation history origin
Therefore, America Department of agriculture adopted the International Plant Protection Convention temporary plant Council in March 15, 2002 through the wood packaging international standard. Through the adoption of international standards, the United States and other governments have adopted ISPM15 or are preparing to adopt the international standards of the national coordination of trade requirements. In order to regulate access to the North American wood packaging, in Mexico, Canada, American North in September 16, 2005 will be the implementation of international standards for phytosanitary measures 15. Imported wood packaging and quarantine according to the operation will be the implementation of guidelines and procedures America customs and border protection agency. In order to avoid the wood packaging of goods in the United States port for violation of regulations is delayed or refused entry, the importer should confirm that all wood packaging has according to the provisions of ISPM15 and APHIS were processed and applied the mark.
Pallet fumigation treatment method
1 raw materials for composite board pallet fumigation or plywood, raw materials are all kinds of wooden surplus material formed by high temperature and high pressure disinfection.
2 now there are mainly two kinds of treatment methods: heat treatment and fumigation with methyl bromide. For the heat treatment, wood packaging processing, the center temperature of the timber should reach 56OC, and maintained for at least 30 minutes, for fumigation, wood packaging must be in a closed place, methyl bromide fumigation under prescribed dose for at least 16 hours, and then placed in the ventilation, so that the concentration of fumigant dropped to under the safe concentration. In the above any kind of treatment, in the visual location of wooden packing each piece of merchandise, preferably on both sides of each commodity, marking a mark clear and permanent, this marker is needed by the International Plant Protection Convention recognition, to prove that the wood packaging for the provision of processing. A mark must include the IPPC mark, ISO standard country code, by the plant protection mechanism of the country issued to wood packaging manufacturers the uniqueness of digital processing method, and representatives of the acronym. Pallet fumigation products are generally conforms to the world of entry and the requirements of environmental protection, without any formalities can be directly in the country of import customs clearance.
Pallet fumigation (disinfection) mode
Use of drugs and heat treatment in two ways, the use of drugs: methyl bromide, ethylene oxide
1, to fumigation wooden goods stacking neat, tarpaulins covered four compaction, which is sealed, but leave a medicine feeding hole angle.
In 2, tarpaulins, goods placed next to a pot of water, put the medicine into the water.
3, the dosing port compaction reservation, fumigation wooden cases that need the goods in a completely sealed state to maintain 24 hours
4, open the tarpaulin ventilation, gas can move the goods to be cleared, about 8 hours
5 open fumigation wooden boxes (disinfection) certificate.


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